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If you’ve got five to ten minutes to kill, I’ve got the flash fiction for you. Mostly fantasy, sometimes science-fiction or horror, and every once in a while regular people having a regular day. New posts on Tuesdays.

I have several series that update monthly. New posts on Mondays or Wednesdays.

Sometimes, I rave about movies, TV, music, and video games. Come on down to Ravings if you like medium-takes and lots of cursing. New posts on Fridays.

I’m also chronicling my work on a crochet blanket based off the video game Horizon Zero Dawn, so if you’re into yarn crafts and/or open world third-person adventure games you’re so in luck.

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New Originals

The Day the World Came to Town

Sunshine, warm and soft, fell through the open window onto Dagny’s face. It was early, and the sun had not discovered what it would be angry about today. It would. It was nearly the end of April. The sun had been angry since the last week of March. But now the sun was still half…

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First Day at a New School

I’m starting to think I should make a series of these called Things I Wish the Main Character Teenage Girl Would Say Instead of Whatever Insecure Thing Actually Comes Out of Her Mouth So far, Kate’s first day at her new high school had been going…well enough. Math was a bummer, as always, and worse…

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The Forecast is Storms

Maybe it wasn’t fair, but there were only hours left so what did fair mean anymore, anyway? It was outside a CVS, of all places. Why would they keep it? Was it even theirs? Who else could have owned it? He didn’t know a thing about that sort of thing. As the clock wound down,…

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New Ravings

Subtle Pressure to Get You to Read Short Stories

I’m always consistently shocked when someone tells me they don’t like short stories. I know that doesn’t sound like a conversation that can come up a lot. I sound like some NASA douche at a party half-drunk on wine coolers and slurring at a friend of a friend’s neighbor I’ve managed to pin to the…

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Live from Wheel of Time: Sexism? In My High Fantasy?

Spoilers for the series ahead. Let’s start this off with a simple message: I Am Not Saying Robert Jordan Was Sexist In fact, as I pointed out in another article, there are a lot of feminist aspects about the book that I really enjoyed. Hell, here’s one I missed: an Aes Sedai named Leane Sharif…

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Live from Wheel of Time: The Seanchan Are the Absolute Worst

Spoilers throughout for the entire series, including the ending. As I discussed in a previous article, Robert Jordan’s worldbuilding in The Wheel of Time series is a masterclass on creating an entire continent filled with different, cohesive peoples and having them interact. The number one reason anyone who wants to write fantasy, especially a sprawling…

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Newest in Series

A Good Idea at the Time: Pacific City

They had left Naomi sitting on her new leather couch, bitterly weeping, with a promise to get things sorted. A promise to try to get things sorted.

The Void

One minute she was…actually, Deanne didn’t remember what happened a minute ago. Or the minute before. Or anything before that.

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The Adventures of… Dick Dangerly! The Newspaper Nerd

The elevator doors open and I fucking leap out, holding up my gun and the badge I cut out of the back of a comic book and pasted onto a piece of cardboard. “Nobody move! I’m Dick Dangerly! I’m a private eye, and I’ve got some questions!”

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The Horizon Zero Dawn Blanket

Come on a journey of yarn crafts and bow-hunting robot animals as I try to finish a 300+ square afghan before the much-anticipated sequel from Guerilla Games come out.

Current Square: Carja Blazon

Current Deadline: February 18th, 2022

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