High Urban Fantasy Jazz

What’s that?

High fantasy takes place in another world, has a hard magic system, and high word counts. Urban fantasy takes place in our world, can have soft magic systems, and usually come in shorter books. My writing combines the two. Also, I just really like jazz.

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The Waitress: A Body of Thieves

Vinnie took another sip of his ginger ale and prayed to the train god that the ride would smooth out. “How do we get them back there?” he asked, his lips still on his glass. It was a murmur, so quiet without the tin ears Verna never would have heard even as she stood half a foot away.

Moon Over Prairie Fire, Part 3

Inez was running across the parking lot, flanked on either side by Jesse and Mat. The van behind Gus shuddered as Adelaide slammed the driver’s side door. They all reached him at the same time.

Take it Off: Pacific City

Peggy watched Aster cross the parking lot toward the front door of the Thorny Crown and thought, well, at least they’ll blend in. As soon as they had gotten inside Peggy walked around the parking lot, cutting across the last bit to get to the back of the bar.


The Horizon Zero Dawn Blanket: Oseram Sparkworker

Well, that took forever. Once again, not because the pattern was hard (spoiler: it wasn’t) but just because Life Stuff kept coming up. Life Stuff. Always interrupting my sitting around time. Anyway, this is the first of two patterns for a new tribe, so let’s meet…The Oseram!

RDR2 for R&R

Serious spoilers below, so if you’ve somehow made it this long not playing RDR2 and still know nothing about it and still want to play it spoiler-free, you should probably leave. But not before telling me how you’ve remained spoiler-free for so long while living on the internet. I haven’t seen anything beyond the first season of Game of Thrones but I know all the major beats for the entire thing because I live on the internet and spoilers are like fucking currency around here. If you’ve already played, or haven’t played and never will and want to read anyway, please proceed past the Spoiler Chocobo.

The Horizon Zero Dawn Blanket: Mother’s Heart and Blackout Squares

The HZD Blanket Mother’s Heart There’s a lot of Nora villages, and a handful of important ones where Aloy can pick up quests, but their main village is Mother’s Heart so that’s the one I chose to represent with a square. Also so I could make this adorable pattern. It’s a little wonky, mostly becauseContinue reading “The Horizon Zero Dawn Blanket: Mother’s Heart and Blackout Squares”

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