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Dark Day

They should make an app to remind you to save your relationship.

The Exo-Beast

Like you wouldn’t do the same damn thing.

Not Hunkered Down

They say sometimes all you can do is bend over and kiss your ass goodbye, but Tiny’s not sure tonight’s that night.

Love Across the Universes

Internet dating is the worst. The best you can hope for is they out themselves as crazy before the bill comes.

Lands of Eternal Summer

Who wouldn’t want warm mornings, hot afternoons, and hotter evenings…forever?

Reload From Last Save

Hero Chunk Dongle has some…interesting ideas on the afterlife.

Stupid Rich Asshole’s Stupid Moonbase

Here at EdiNile Industries, we are committed to putting man in a permanent habitat on the moon, and we’re doing it the only way we know how: grinding up the poor.

Field Trip to The Cube

They go to The Cube every year! Why can’t they go somewhere fun this year, like the Aquarium?

Strange Reality, 5

Hours ago, Alina’s arm woke her up by slapping her in the face. She’s finally getting close to some answers.

Detective Story

Just another homicide for a homicide detective. Nothing special…

A Place of Honor

We can try our hardest to warn future generations, but if I know humans, I know it won’t work.

Strange Reality, 4

Alina doesn’t know what the cops want and she doesn’t much care. She only knows to keep very, very quiet.

The Other Night

Death is, perhaps, the most misunderstood of the towering gods.

Time To Go

Do you think CEOs are expected to come in during the end of the world, huh?

Strange Reality, 3

lina still doesn’t know who is controlling her arm, why the authorities are after her, or where she’s going. What she does know is she’d rather run through the city than meet the cops face to face.

Strange Reality, 2

Last time, Alina was woken up in the middle of the night by her arm smacking her across the face and ordering her to jump out the window. Turns out the arm may have been right.

Strange Reality

It only goes to prove the old adage: don’t get an arm mod or it might punch you in the face.

They Try

There’s just something about the ocean…

One More Thing

We don’t know what they are. We don’t know what they want. It’s kind of annoying when they show up during Prime Time.

The Mountains Are Calling

And although I don’t remember why, or where I came from, or what waits me there, and I don’t think I want to, I must go.

Kendrick Lamar Is Dead

The people he left behind are dead. The people who will come will come too late. All he can do is his job.

The Day the World Came to Town

Sunshine, warm and soft, fell through the open window onto Dagny’s face. It was early, and the sun had not discovered what it would be angry about today. It would. It was nearly the end of April. The sun had been angry since the last week of March. But now the sun was still half…

The Forecast is Storms

Maybe it wasn’t fair, but there were only hours left so what did fair mean anymore, anyway? It was outside a CVS, of all places. Why would they keep it? Was it even theirs? Who else could have owned it? He didn’t know a thing about that sort of thing. As the clock wound down,…

Slide, Part 2

Maya didn’t die in 2028, but she did accidentally get some answers.


2006 The first time she died was on the side of the road. It was utter bullshit, too. Some real fluke of nature, Final Destination type crap that they only pieced together the next day. It started with this idiot contractor who didn’t secure the ladder correctly to the side of his truck, so that…

Translations and Synonyms

They landed their ship in some sort of field. The crop, according to their preparation materials, was called asphalt, and made for a steady landing. Apparently, the humans used this asphalt for the care and feeding of their primary motion animals, automobiles. It must have been very important, as it covered a great deal of…

What Goes Around

April 3rd, 2037 His phone didn’t wake him up until it vibrated itself right off his nightstand. Still, he only turned over, his eyes glued shut to protect himself from morning. He groped blindly, his fingers running through the thick, cheap carpet. Seth hated that carpet. It held smells the way the dying held memories.…

To Prove The Human Spirit

President Goodman, a good man, indeed, although easily steered into bad decisions, had a few minutes before the eggheads from Global Health Counsel came in with their report, so he was staring out the window behind his desk and tossing one of his kids’ fabric toys back and forth between his hands. It was a…

Secondary Protocols

Everything that will happen in the next fifteen minutes, and this is the moment she will dream about over and over. They are sitting in the middle of the factory floor, in the area they have built into a living room, of sorts. It’s just some old chairs around a fire pit, but it’s the…

It’s Always Nice to Make New Friends

A Room in a Mountain The airlock door hissed and began opening, startling him awake. He winced, waiting for the shooting pains to wrack him. Instead of pain, it was just itchy. Maybe a little ticklish. Experimenting with moving his arm, he breathed a sigh of relief. He had begun to believe he’d never be…

A Room in a Mountain

He sat on the side of the bed, looking out the window. His hands were next him, resting gently on the crisp white sheets. Occasionally he would forget, and a muscle would twitch or he’d move his neck quickly to catch a strange sound, and the pain would start all over again. Like pins and…

Supply Lines

With equal amounts of relief and leg cramps, Roll and Jack waded across the ill-named Lazy River. The icy water rushed by up to their knees, trying to knock them over and carry them away. A couple of times Jack almost let it. It might have been easier to just let the river drag him…

Sapphire City’s Airyard

They followed the captain out from the dark tunnel and Natch’s heart stumbled. “It’s even bigger than Sapphire City,” Natch said under this breath. Ralla tutted. “Very well couldn’t be, now, could it?” To Natch’s eyes, it was. The thrufare that laid out before them seemed to stretch on and on, until Natch could hardly…

Another Tuesday

She woke up afraid, because it was a Tuesday and for her Tuesdays were historically terrible. It wasn’t every Tuesday. It wasn’t even most Tuesdays. But anything bad that had ever happened in her life had happened on a Tuesday, and now it had been fifty-two Tuesdays since a single thing had occurred. Rather than…

Unravel II

Part One “Tell me again,” Corter said. “Wasted breath.” Eres tossed it over her shoulder as she kept powering forward. Moving too fast, Corter thought. He had been sure she would wear herself out before they ever reached the little building, but she hadn’t slowed once, forcing Corter and Mack to keep up. He caught…


At the last second, and for only a second, Eres saw the corner of Doved’s mouth turn up, to what amounted to the smallest shit-eating grin. She began to reach out. She may have even managed to get the ‘n’ sound out from the ‘no’ she was trying to scream. And then Doved’s hand slammed…

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