Stand-alone short stories in various genres including fantasy, sci-fi, speculative, horror, humor, and drama.


We willingly trap ourselves with strangers every day.

Ogre, Part 2

Lots of screaming in these dramatic ends, too.

Ogre, Part 1

Dramatic endings usually include a lot of running.

Dark Day

They should make an app to remind you to save your relationship.


The mind killer, I guess.

What is in a Name

For all major life events, it is considered obscenely rude for royalty to not invite every important dignitary. So rude, in fact, the consequences may be life or death.

Sir Alfred Quick, Knight Errant

Let me tell you a joke: What is the best day for performing knightly duties? Answer: Any day that ends in ‘y.’ Ho ho!

The Exo-Beast

Like you wouldn’t do the same damn thing.

Guard Duty

Remember: If you heard something, no you fucking didn’t.

Ghost Train

Once the automobile industry managed to quash the growing public transportation system, all trains had to be viewed through a suspicious lens.

Fifth Anniversary

Some interruptions to a vacation are better than others.

A Different Sort of Smarts

You don’t have to be smart all the ways, as long as you find someone else who’s smart in the ways you’re not.

A Cat in the Morning

Remember to close your windows at night, and certainly do not leave out any fish.

Bloody Mary

Common sense is not so common, but it can come from anywhere.

In the Belly

A generational ship. A fine mist. The good kind of different.

Not Hunkered Down

They say sometimes all you can do is bend over and kiss your ass goodbye, but Tiny’s not sure tonight’s that night.

Love Across the Universes

Internet dating is the worst. The best you can hope for is they out themselves as crazy before the bill comes.

Tea Shop

Sometimes the best thing for your problems is a nice cup of tea.

Ladies Brunch

Never trust dudes who hate cats. And who isolate you from all your friends.


This first time I saw her I don’t think she saw me. But this ain’t about that.

Ready for Anything

Carl Vance was ready for the end of the world. What he wasn’t ready for was whatever any of this shit is.

The World Thins

This is the way the world ends, not with a bang but with a never-ending series of variants and waves.

The Righteous

For everyone who keeps asking, ‘well, what are these women who support this going to do when THEY need an abortion?’ like it’s some sort of Gotcha: this is what they will continue doing.

The Founding Fathers

After decades of arguments about what America’s Founding Fathers would actually want for America, scientists did the impossible and brought them back. Here are some highlights from their interviews.

The Green Man

The teens are having an overnight camping trip at an abandoned summer camp, so you know what that means!

An Unknown Man

Alice does hope the man finds someone who knows him.

Just a Little Crick in the Neck

So, your new friend just shoved you off a roof so you’d miss the sun and you landed on your neck and now you’re stuck in a motel storage room. Now what?


When the fog sinks in you can go anywhere.

Stupid Rich Asshole’s Stupid Moonbase

Here at EdiNile Industries, we are committed to putting man in a permanent habitat on the moon, and we’re doing it the only way we know how: grinding up the poor.

Field Trip to The Cube

They go to The Cube every year! Why can’t they go somewhere fun this year, like the Aquarium?


Bad things always happen in the cheap part of time. This time, though, it seems a little…extreme.

A Hero Reborn

A terrible war. An evil defeated. The world saved. All of that was centuries in the past, so why was he back?

Strange Reality, 5

Hours ago, Alina’s arm woke her up by slapping her in the face. She’s finally getting close to some answers.

Detective Story

Just another homicide for a homicide detective. Nothing special…

A Place of Honor

We can try our hardest to warn future generations, but if I know humans, I know it won’t work.

Strange Reality, 4

Alina doesn’t know what the cops want and she doesn’t much care. She only knows to keep very, very quiet.

The Other Night

Death is, perhaps, the most misunderstood of the towering gods.

Time To Go

Do you think CEOs are expected to come in during the end of the world, huh?


Do you know the way to the train station?

Strange Reality, 3

lina still doesn’t know who is controlling her arm, why the authorities are after her, or where she’s going. What she does know is she’d rather run through the city than meet the cops face to face.

Strange Reality, 2

Last time, Alina was woken up in the middle of the night by her arm smacking her across the face and ordering her to jump out the window. Turns out the arm may have been right.

15 MUST HAVES While Traveling!

Just a little bit of preparation can make your trip into the deepest, darkest jungles to find the mythic life elixir smooth sailing!

The Way Things Were

They all lost things, some big, some small. Now is the time they’re supposed to get it all back.

Strange Reality

It only goes to prove the old adage: don’t get an arm mod or it might punch you in the face.

Quiet Love

Someday, someone will say the exact crazy thing that will make you fall in love.

A Plan Awry

They had a plan. It was a good plan. Not quite good enough.


Everyone could use a hand sometimes. Even a cutpurse down on his luck.

Stupid Rich Asshole

And his adventure solving the world’s problems with viral tweets.

They Try

There’s just something about the ocean…

One More Thing

We don’t know what they are. We don’t know what they want. It’s kind of annoying when they show up during Prime Time.

The Mountains Are Calling

And although I don’t remember why, or where I came from, or what waits me there, and I don’t think I want to, I must go.

Kendrick Lamar Is Dead

The people he left behind are dead. The people who will come will come too late. All he can do is his job.

Want, Need

Mr. Morris wants a room unlocked in his house, but Marty is pretty sure he needs the opposite.


I don’t know what it is about this time of year that makes me feel like Thoreau.

Someone is Wrong on the Internet

Angry at someone on the internet want to vent the healthy way? Utilize your local Internet Discussion and Emotional Release Program today!

Gallows of Love

The DJ cut Rhianna off mid-sentence and announced that it was time for the first dance. Everybody in the large hall settled, twisting in their seats to see the dance floor or getting up to surround it, phones in hand and set to record. The bride, surrounded by the tufts of champagne lace he remembered…

Had it Coming

An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind, but maybe satisfaction is better than sight.

An Attic in the Middle of the Night

Children, especially very young children, don’t know anything. More, they don’t know what they don’t know. Their brains are black holes, taking in everything, spaghettifying the concepts, and coming away with the wrong idea. They must be taught everything, especially the things adults take for granted. How physics works. How people work. Don’t touch that.…

The Day the World Came to Town

Sunshine, warm and soft, fell through the open window onto Dagny’s face. It was early, and the sun had not discovered what it would be angry about today. It would. It was nearly the end of April. The sun had been angry since the last week of March. But now the sun was still half…

First Day at a New School

I’m starting to think I should make a series of these called Things I Wish the Main Character Teenage Girl Would Say Instead of Whatever Insecure Thing Actually Comes Out of Her Mouth So far, Kate’s first day at her new high school had been going…well enough. Math was a bummer, as always, and worse…

The Forecast is Storms

Maybe it wasn’t fair, but there were only hours left so what did fair mean anymore, anyway? It was outside a CVS, of all places. Why would they keep it? Was it even theirs? Who else could have owned it? He didn’t know a thing about that sort of thing. As the clock wound down,…

Static, 3

“The radio!” Luis screamed. Everything about him since they had gotten back in the car was tight and intense. His voice was constantly on the edge of ragged, and as he reached for the power button Evan could see the muscles in his arm tight and practically twitching.

Static, 1

“Exit’s coming up. Turn off here.” “Where?” “Here!” Evan cut the wheel hard to make the ramp that came out of nowhere. It was a tight turn for a highway off-ramp, and for a few seconds Evan, Luis, and Alex could only grip the oh-shit handles and fight the turn’s urging to be flung to…


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