The Cascadia Subduction Zone: The PNW Has Been Boned

There’s a cataclysmic fault line hidden under Oregon and Washington, and it only took hundreds of years, ghost forests, orphan waves, a drag-out brawl between Thunderbird and Whale to find it.

The Dark Tower of Ass

Spoilers, hey. Okay, so, this isn’t so much a review of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series, but a brief look at why I hate every single word in all seven books. Hate. Hate. I hate these books like I hate the Nazis. I hate these books so much Emperor Palpatine is somewhere in spaceContinue reading “The Dark Tower of Ass”

Let’s Talk About the Spanish Flu

Shall we? You know, because I want to. For no other reason. At all. It didn’t start in Spain. No one’s really sure where it started, but the first reported case was at a military base in Kansas. ‘Spanish Flu’ and ‘Florida Man’ actually have very similar origin stories: freedom of the press. The sameContinue reading “Let’s Talk About the Spanish Flu”