Maybe You Should Play Death Stranding

Hey, did you see the trailer for Death Stranding 2 (working title) that dropped at the Game of the Year Awards a couple months back? If you haven’t played Death Stranding then you probably had no idea what was going on. Well, good news! I did play Death Stranding and I was pretty fucking lost,Continue reading “Maybe You Should Play Death Stranding”

My Favorites Pop Culture Things from 2022

Notable Mentions: The Morbius memes tricking Sony into re-releasing the movie and then it bombing again; Goncharov; and The Game of the Year Awards letting me know my 2023 is effectively shot.

The Horizon Zero Dawn Blanket: The Carja Trader

My last main square for the Carja, the Silks/ Trader is a standout from the Blazon and Blazon Master. I also share my favorite moments from Horizon’s gorgeous soundtrack.

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