Writing and Reading

Writing about writing is fun and so is reading about reading.

How to Name Locations During Worldbuilding

Definitely don’t name a town after your grandmother, because what if, somewhere down the line, you make that town rob a bank or something?

The Minor Annoyances of Reading

Quibbles, really, but haven’t we all been launched into the stratosphere over a quibble or two? Or ten?

Pantsing Vs Plotting

The difference between setting yourself on fire from the minute you sit down to planning exactly when you will set yourself on fire. Or something. No one should listen to me.

How to Name Your Characters

How do you solve a problem like Buffy? Also: PAAUULLSS! IIINNN! SPAAAAAAACE!

Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes: Turn and Face the Wheel

Guys, I lived through the 2000s, which meant I already lived through Peak THEY CHANGED THAT FROM THE BOOK. I don’t have the energy for that anymore.

Live from Wheel of Time: The Seanchan Are the Absolute Worst

Spoilers throughout for the entire series, including the ending. As I discussed in a previous article, Robert Jordan’s worldbuilding in The Wheel of Time series is a masterclass on creating an entire continent filled with different, cohesive peoples and having them interact. The number one reason anyone who wants to write fantasy, especially a sprawlingContinue reading “Live from Wheel of Time: The Seanchan Are the Absolute Worst”

Said Isn’t Dead

If you use Pinterest at all for writing topics, I’m sure you’ve seen these pins come up. They’re always in some cutesy font and usually with little tombstones (subtle) and come with a huge list of words you should use instead of ‘said.’ If you’ve ever paid attention to these, though, you’ll notice that noneContinue reading “Said Isn’t Dead”

The Tao of Pots

There’s a story that goes like this: There’s this college art professor. I don’t know what college and I don’t know what kind of art, except the assignment is to make pots, so…ceramics? Pottery? Ghost appreciation? I don’t know, I didn’t take any art classes in college. Unless you count writing, which most people don’t,Continue reading “The Tao of Pots”

The Dark Tower of Ass

Spoilers, hey. Okay, so, this isn’t so much a review of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series, but a brief look at why I hate every single word in all seven books. Hate. Hate. I hate these books like I hate the Nazis. I hate these books so much Emperor Palpatine is somewhere in spaceContinue reading “The Dark Tower of Ass”

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