Horizon Zero Dawn

The Blanket

Come with me on a journey of trying to crochet a granny-square blanket even though I barely know what I’m doing and the book I bought sucks based off the outfits Aloy wears in Horizon Zero Dawn which, I have to stress, is NOT the point of the game.

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The Horizon Zero Dawn Blanket: The Carja Trader

My last main square for the Carja, the Silks/ Trader is a standout from the Blazon and Blazon Master. I also share my favorite moments from Horizon’s gorgeous soundtrack.

The Horizon Zero Dawn Blanket: The Carja Blazon

There’s only thing to wear when you’re face to face with a fire bellowback: The Carja Blazon. An all-in-one outfit that you can wear during the day as you hunt machines and then for a night on the town. The Carja Blazon, for when you want to say, I don’t do two hundred crunches every…

The Horizon Zero Dawn Blanket: Banuk Ice Hunter and Ice Hunter Master

The HZD Blanket Did you know there are only two escalators in the entire state of Wyoming? Did you know Wyoming is called the Equality State because it was the first state to allow women to vote, but they only did it so they could claim a big enough population to join the United States…

The Horizon Zero Dawn Blanket: Free Heap and Pitchcliff

As I mentioned last time, Free Heap is run by Petra Forgewoman, so I wanted this square to both represent the settlement and her. While I want most of this section of the blanket to be simple designs in shades of brown and gray/silver, I wanted the settlement squares to pop a little, either with…

The Horizon Zero Dawn Blanket: Oseram Arrow Breaker

The HZD Blanket You know what would be great? A release date for Horizon Forbidden West so I could have a real deadline for this blanket. On the other hand, that would be terrible, because then I would have a real deadline for this blanket. Anyway, here’s my prediction: if we don’t get a release…

The Horizon Zero Dawn Blanket: Oseram Sparkworker

Well, that took forever. Once again, not because the pattern was hard (spoiler: it wasn’t) but just because Life Stuff kept coming up. Life Stuff. Always interrupting my sitting around time. Anyway, this is the first of two patterns for a new tribe, so let’s meet…The Oseram!

The Horizon Zero Dawn Blanket: Nora Silent Hunter

Y’all, I cannot express to you how happy I am with the way this square came out. Someone get the Happy Clichés off the high shelf and just let them unspool around the floor so I can swim around in them and throw them over my head and, just, like, make it rain happy clichés.

The Horizon Zero Dawn Blanket: Nora Survivor

On the one hand this took longer than I thought it would. On the other hand I knew this would happen. We took two weeks off for Christmas and New Years, which I had hoped would translate into doing one to two squares a day, but when it turned into totally ignoring the yarn while…

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