Video Journal of a Mad Woman: Entries 2, 3, 4

Entry 1

Private YouTube Video titled Journal Entry 2, uploaded by user Michelle1980 on September 25th, 2015.

Video begins with Michelle reaching for the phone, cussing lightly. Phone falls forward, followed by a damn it! Phone is then put back up. Michelle is in a motel room. The curtains are open and sunlight is filling the room. Michelle, besides wearing a Guardians of the Galaxy t-shirt under a flannel long sleeve, looks exactly the same.

She sits back in her chair and after a second waves at the camera.

Hello. As you might have noticed, I am still human. Look, not even bit.

Michelle pulls up her sleeves to show off her wrists, bare of any marks, before leaning forward and doing the same with her neck. There are no marks on her neck, either.

Yeah. You’re probably thinking hey, Michelle? I thought you said you were going to get turned that night, and now it’s five days later, what gives? Well, I’ll tell you what gives: turns out these vampires are a lot less inclined to turn someone than I thought they were.

I went to that bar I mentioned, and I found the two I’d been tracking. Seeing vampires in movies and on television always make me laugh. I guess there’s probably rich vampires with, like, well done hair and perfectly manicured nails somewhere out there, but all the ones I’ve ever seen were nothing more than bar flys in jeans and, like, Old Navy t-shirts. They’re bottom feeders, they’re not driving around in Bentleys.

These two were no different, and after I lured them outside with my feminine wiles

She bats her eyelids and cups her face with her hands.

I explained to them what I wanted. I figured they’d have no problem. Free meal, no struggle right? If anything, I would be the one with something to worry about, because once they drained me how, exactly would I be able to trust they would go on to step two? I…

Her face clouds over with worry.

Wait. Shit. That’s a real problem. Fuck. Hold on.

She reached back to a bag sitting on the bed and pulls out a notebook and pen.

‘How…to trust…they…just…don’t…kill…me.’ Okay, maybe it’s good neither of them wanted to do it. But that’s what I was surprised at! I explained what I wanted and yeah, okay, I had a stake out for protection, but at first they didn’t believe me, and then when they did believe me they laughed at me! One of asked me why but the other one just said I was out of my mind. They didn’t want to talk much. Once they realized I was serious they booked it. Tried to chase them down, but like I said last video they’re fast. So they were gone. And with them, the best lead I had on vampires in this town.

What I figure is that I’m right. They self-select for the worst of us, and I’m not that. Did they know I was a hunter, somehow? Maybe I need to look more pitiful next time.

Quickly writes more in her notebook.

It’s been four nights since then and I haven’t found any others since. It’s fucking ridiculous. When you’re not looking for a vampire, when you’re doing something else, they pop up and ruin your entire weekend. But when you are looking…

She huffs and runs a hand over her hair. Then closes her eyes and counts to herself. When she opens her eyes again, she is more composed.

Again, this is a good thing. I need a new plan. One that has a lower chance of me ending up dead.

Michelle reaches for the phone and the video ends.

Private YouTube Video titled Journal Entry 3, uploaded by user Michelle1980 on September 27th, 2015.

Video begins with Michelle already seated in front of the camera. She is once again in a motel room, but this one is clearly different. The curtains are drawn and she is lit from a single lamp, barely visible on the right side of the screen.

She waves at the camera.

Okay, I’m back. Still human. And I’ve got a better idea.

I left the city because I wasn’t finding any more of the slippery little bloodsuckers. I’m off the highway. Two actually. The monsters love highways, and they love junctions. People go missing all the time and no one cares out here. I haven’t spotted a vampire yet, but it’s just a matter of time. And I need that time to set up.

Last time I was talking, I realized I was going about it all wrong. I was right about them selecting who they turn, and baby, I wasn’t it.

And, oh yeah, and make sure whoever I find doesn’t just kill me. That’s a big one. And I think I’ve got that solution. I’m going to-

The sound of a phone beginning to vibrate cuts her off. The sound gets louder as she pulls a second phone from her jacket pocket. She sees the caller ID and immediately looks annoyed.

I’ll be right back.

Michelle leans forward to cut the camera off. Despite her promise of coming back, the video ends here.

Private YouTube Video titled Journal Entry 4, uploaded by user Michelle1980 on October 11th, 2015.

Video begins in an indeterminate location. Based on the wooden walls and some hay scattered on the floor it appears to be a barn, but there are no animals present. Light source from immediately overhead. It is clearly night.

Michelle now has a blackened right eye and a split lip. When she moves around, it is clear that she has a limp. Despite all this, there is a look of excitement on her face.

Okay, my nonexistent superfans. It has finally happened. I have finally done it.

Oh. No, that makes it sound like I’m turned already. I am not. Still human. Otherwise all this wouldn’t be a mess.

She gestures to her face.

But I have finally – finally – made that all important first step.

With her good arm, she spins the phone around on the table its sitting on. The panning action reveals more of the barn until it stops on the opposite end.

There, built into the middle of the barn, is a large cage made of metal bars. It appears to be approximately eight feet by eight feet by eight feet. The bars are secured directly into the floor of the barn which, under the cage, is poured concrete instead of wooden planks. It is unclear where the door to the cage is. It is also unclear if this was here, or if its something Michelle built.

The cage is empty except for a single person.

A woman with black hair, lightly tanned skin, and a medium frame is facing the camera and leaning against the bars. She is wearing jeans and a hoodie. Her hair is mussed but she otherwise has no obvious injuries. When she sees the camera facing her, she growls at it and flips it off.

Michelle’s voice comes from off screen.

Everyone, meet Priya. She’ll be the one to turn me into a vampire.

Entry 4, Cont.

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