Video Journal of a Mad Woman: Entry 4, Cont.

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Private YouTube video titled Journal Entry 4, uploaded by user Michelle1980 on October 11th, 2015 continued.

Priya is still leaning forward on the bars of the cage. Michelle comes around from the right side of the camera, staring at the phone to gauge if she’s in frame or not.

Priya: You should be doing this in landscape, why the fuck are you taking portrait videos?

Michelle: Shut the fuck up. No talking unless I say.

Priya: Oh, yeah? The fuck are you going to do about it? Lock me up? Oh, wait.

Michelle: I’ll kill you.

Priya: You obviously need me for something.

Michelle: I need a vampire. Not you. I got you in that stupid thing, you don’t think I can get someone else?

Priya stops talking and puts her hands up, but it’s clear from her expression she is not scared. She is curious.

Michelle addresses the camera.

Michelle: Okay, so, I finally found Priya here in the roadhouse across the highway. Didn’t take much at all to get her outside in the back alley, at which point I managed to subdue her-

Priya: After I kicked the shit out of you. And then you cheated.

Michelle (over her shoulder): Hex bags are not…whatever. Back to camera. Dragging her into my SUV was a bitch and a half, too. I swear people saw me doing it and no one even came over to find out what was going on. There’s a lot of systemic problems in society that I am not qualified to discuss.

Priya: What do the people watching this think is happening? Some sort of shitty performance art?

Michelle: It’s not a live stream. Nobody is watching. This is a video journal.

Priya: Did you get the part where I broke your face in a couple places with one punch?

Michelle: No. Obviously. Look-

Priya: What the fuck are you journaling about anyway?

Michelle (rounding on her): I’m trying to…look, never mind the camera. You don’t need to be a part of that. There’s only one thing I need from you.

Priya: Style tips?

Michelle: You’re going to turn me into a vampire.

Priya stares at Michelle. Her gaze switches to the camera for a brief second before turning back to Michelle.

Priya: Why?

Michelle steps back. This is not the reaction she expected.

Michelle: I figured the first thing you’d do is refuse me. Tell me to go fuck myself.

Priya (crossing her arms and shrugging): I can tell when I’m fucked, thank you oh so very much. You got me locked in this cage, in this barn, which I’m guessing is in the middle of fucking nowhere?

Michelle: Five miles from town and the rest of the farm is abandoned.

Priya: Right. So your little plan here is to reach your arm, let me drink you down until you’re all stupid and woozy, and then I reach my little arm out there and you drink, and then the miracle of un-life happens. And once you’re on Team Nocturnal you let me out. If I don’t agree, you kill me. If I kill you while we’re doing this, I remained locked in a cage in a barn in the middle of the woods where no one can free me until I waste away into nothing more than jerky and bones. Do I have that right?

Michelle: Um…yes. That’s right.

Priya puts her hand out.

Priya: Alright then. Let’s get this over with.

Michelle is obviously thrown for a loop.

Michelle: The other vampires I talked to, they didn’t want to turn me. They didn’t even try to trick me. They just refused.

Priya: Well, right off the bat, you’re fucking annoying. If I wasn’t in here I’d refuse, too. I bet you watched all those Twilight movies, right? Is that why you’re doing this? You want to be Bella Swan?

Michelle: Wait…have you seen all those movies?

Priya shifts uncomfortably.

Priya: Can we please get this over with?

Michelle: In a minute. First, I want to know why the others refused? Are there…I don’t know…rules? Vampire laws? About turning people?

Priya laughs.

Priya: Rules? Laws? Fuck no. You think we have a vampire government or some shit? Maybe in Europe, I don’t know what that trash gets up to. They refused because they didn’t want to. End of story. Now give me your wrist so we can do this or let me the fuck out of here.

Michelle stares at Priya, maybe waiting for her to say something. Then she shifts her footing a bit without getting any closer to Priya. Priya’s eyebrows raise up and she stifles a laugh.

Priya: You’re getting cold feet, aren’t you?

Michelle: No!

Priya: Well, then, what the fuck are you waiting for? An engraved invitation? Come on, lady, you want to be in the ranks of the undead so badly there’s only one way to go about it.

Michelle looks at Priya then looks at the camera. She takes a couple of steps toward the camera then stops herself. There are a few seconds where she faces away from Priya, face contorted, fists opening and closing. Michelle takes a single step away from the cage. And then quickly forces herself to the cage, thrusting her arm through the bars.

Michelle: Okay, let’s-

Priya latches onto Michelle’s arm at the wrist and elbow and snaps her forearm cleanly in the middle. Michelle falls to her knees and starts screaming.

Priya: That’s for the hex bag, asshole.

Before Michelle can say anything, or even stop screaming, Priya bites Michelle’s broken arm at the wrist. Michelle clearly tries to jerk her arm back but Priya doesn’t move. Michelle starts scrabbling at the bars with her good hand. She tries to pull away again. She reaches out to the table, to the camera or perhaps where the keys are sitting, but Priya will not let go.

Michelle is getting noticeably less energetic. Her skin tone goes pale. After close to a minute she stops struggling and leans against the bars. It becomes obvious she is struggling to breathe.

Michelle: Don’t…fucking…I’ll leave…you…here…

Priya finally lets go of Michelle’s arm with her hands and her mouth. Her canine teeth have stretched into fangs, covered in blood. She licks her teeth and rolls her eyes.

Priya: Yeah, bitch, I know.

Priya rolls up the sleeve of her hoodie and bites into her own wrist. Blood trails down her arm and begins to stain her hoodie but it’s clear she doesn’t care, if she even notices. She squats down to get to Michelle’s level and reaches her arm out through the bars.

Priya: Drink up, baby bird.

As soon as the bleeding arm is within reach Michelle is on it. She appears to be grabbing Priya’s arm almost as strong as Priya was holding hers. Priya frowns as Michelle’s mouth latches onto the arm, and she looks away.

Priya: Ugh, I hate this so much. It feels so gross.

Priya waits a few more seconds before pulling her arm away from Michelle, through the bars. Michelle tries to follow the arm, swinging her arms through the bars. After a few seconds she appears to lose all energy.

Michelle: What…I don’t…

Michelle’s eyes go wide. Her mouth and cheeks are covered in blood. Her arm is still broken and covered in blood. Using what is apparently the last of her strength she scrambles on all fours away from the bars. Out of Priya’s reach. Michelle collapses. From the camera’s angle it is impossible to tell if she’s breathing or not. Priya watches as her arm heals before pulling the hoodie sleeve back down. She stares at Michelle through the bars. Then remembers the camera. She leans against the bars much the same way she had been doing at the beginning of the video.

Priya: What the fuck are you even-

Video ends.

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