What to Expect When Shaving Your Head

So, about three months ago, I’m in the shower and I’m washing my hair. I’d gotten it dyed red and pink about two weeks before the country realized just how badly we’d all been lied to about the coronavirus and everything had started systematically shutting down. I was working from home. The only people gettingContinue reading “What to Expect When Shaving Your Head”

Different Views, Same World

Let’s play a game, shall we? A game…of imagination (here I’m waving my hands). No, get back here, I’m not done with you, yet. I’ll stop. Now, imagine you’re a child born into a bitter dystopia. Like, real dark sci-fi shit. You’re living in a society on a distant planet, and from the first momentContinue reading “Different Views, Same World”

Let’s Talk About the Spanish Flu

Shall we? You know, because I want to. For no other reason. At all. It didn’t start in Spain. No one’s really sure where it started, but the first reported case was at a military base in Kansas. ‘Spanish Flu’ and ‘Florida Man’ actually have very similar origin stories: freedom of the press. The sameContinue reading “Let’s Talk About the Spanish Flu”

Black Lives Will Always Matter

I was going to write something else on the ongoing protests but ultimately decided the internet didn’t need another white voice lecturing people about stuff I can only sympathize with not empathize with. Instead, as an ally, I’m going to try to raise up Black voices by linking to important pieces and topics. This mayContinue reading “Black Lives Will Always Matter”

Double Disney Marathon

There’s no reason in long distance running beyond a primal urge to just keep putting one foot in front of the other until the animal you’re chasing gives up or until a half-interested volunteer drapes a medal you won’t know what to do with around your neck before pushing your half-dead body in the direction of the biggest pile of Powerades you’ve ever seen in your life.

Black Lives Matter

If I wrote something about the protests, what would I even say? I’m a white woman from Connecticut. I categorically do not know what black Americans experience. As a nurse, I’ve never walked into a patient’s room for the first time and been immediately hated by someone I’ve been assigned to take care of forContinue reading “Black Lives Matter”

Crowd in a Theater Watching Snakes on a Plane

God, I miss going to the movies. Do you remember Snakes on a Plane? Jesus, what a weird one that one was. And I’m not even talking about the movie itself, just how it came out. The movie was exactly as advertised. There was a plane full of people, but that plane was also fullContinue reading “Crowd in a Theater Watching Snakes on a Plane”

Will Smith and Aliens

In case you weren’t there, we as a culture were obsessed with aliens in the nineties. I don’t know how it happened, but I suspect it started with those douchebags in England who started laying down ‘crop circles’ with ropes and boards and then countless TV specials like Unsolved Mysteries and whatever the History ChannelContinue reading “Will Smith and Aliens”