Broken Hearts

& The Biddies

I’ve had the first Broken Hearts scene bouncing around my head for a few years now. I’ve always been interested in writing a soft-apocalypse story, although I don’t know if this is the one that will eventually become something bigger.


The Biddies and Broken Hearts The air on the other side of the doors was stale. Mostly it smelled of collected dust, but Nico was almost positive he could still smell the cinnamon and brown sugar from the pretzel stand. It was cold, colder than outside. The further they walked in the heavier the cloudsContinue reading “Mallsoft”

Big John and Roberta

The Biddies and Broken Hearts John Robinson sat at the kitchen table in front of the wood fireplace and wished he had a scotch. Oh, he could have one if he really wanted. He was staring at the bottle in its cardboard case, sitting at the top of the liquor cabinet. No one would sayContinue reading “Big John and Roberta”

The Biddies Above Broken Hearts

Not a one of them had survived, although the word had been Mrs. Rockby had tossed herself down the cellar stairs before the disease could get her. Whether it had been from delirium or her own demented way of cheating The Blues, well, that depended on whose mouth the word was coming from.

Broken Hearts

The Biddies and Broken Hearts The little town of Broken Hearts in the mountains of Colorado looked very pretty. All of the lights were off, of course, and there were no cars parked along the side of Main Street. But the street and the sidewalks had been shoveled and salted. The trees that lined theContinue reading “Broken Hearts”

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