A Body of Thieves

When Vinnie touches things or people, he instantly knows something about them. This has gotten Vinnie a spot with a group of thieves. Vinnie still doesn’t know if this a good thing or not.

Continued Low Key Panic

A Body of Thieves Vinnie – Face, or maybe the Face? He still wasn’t sure – had found the location of the safe. Smile had charmed their way in. Eyes had worked at the safe with obvious skill while Fist had stayed close to the door, keeping lookout. The safe had opened and for aContinue reading “Continued Low Key Panic”

Signal to the Noise

A Body of Thieves In truth, he didn’t have to do much talking. Only the barest amount of small talk, whatever would make it appropriate for a simple touch. A hand shake. A pat on the arm. Sometimes Vinnie didn’t even have to open his mouth. The ballroom was so crowded he could pass offContinue reading “Signal to the Noise”

The First Party

Vinnie glanced at the gold and silver clock face hanging above the doors to the ballroom. It had been exactly an hour and twenty-three minutes since he had found Joey on the upper floor of that shut-down factory.

First Day on the Job

A Body of Thieves This was, easily, the weirdest first day on the job he’d ever had. Including the water park, and that first day had ended with three paramedics and a small fire. At least when he’d shown up the location had seen normal. Parking lot away from the customers, locker room, other collegeContinue reading “First Day on the Job”

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